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Mentoring to:

  • Eliminate The Source of Feeling “Not Good Enough”

  • Recognise Your Life Purpose

  • Enjoy Loving Relationships

  • Identify Your True Inner Self.  

  • Fully Realise Your Spiritual Potential As A Human Being

"In 1991 a life-changing experience gave me a unique skill for identifying and eliminating the ROOT SOURCE of feelings of being “not good enough.” That lead to recognising my Life Purpose and helping other people identify theirs." 


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What I Do

I am often asked what I do as a Life Purpose Mentor.

Why not simply call myself a Life Coach, Counsellor, Therapist or other more conventional title?

Well, a personal life-changing experience some years ago made me realise why and how, my mentoring goes beyond conventional coaching and counselling methods and practices.

Conventional coaching, counselling and other similar modalities of therapy, coach a person how to overcome years of internalised negative beliefs and feelings about oneself by adopting and using mind and behavioural "reprogramming tools" and methods (as I refer to them).


Whilst such “management tools” may provide a person with coping mechanisms to deal with feelings and beliefs of: being “not good enough”; having low self-esteem; lacking self-worth; stress, frustration, anxiety etc., these tools do not "drill down" to identify the root source for one’s emotional “non-wellness” and permanently eliminate that source.

This is where my role as a Mentor comes in.

My guided mentoring enables a person to IDENTIFY and ELIMINATE the underlying root source for feelings and beliefs of being “not good enough." A belief which source is not from one's childhood upbringing circumstances and environment. Through this you uncover a unique, personal belief that you are holding on to which is the driving force and source of your emotional needs and fears.

This unique belief that we hold onto and are driven by, is the fundamental self-limiting belief that prevents us from recognising and living up to our full potential and fulfilling our Life Purpose.


Welcome to my site.
You will have likely landed here in your searching for answer or guidance to  address some questions about life, or issues and challenges you may be experiencing in your relationships, career, or other matters in your life. Situations we all face at some point or another – as it certainly was for me.
So who am I, and why this website?
I am Italian by birth, emigrated to South Africa in 1955 with my parents. 
Between 1989 and 1990 things in my life were not going well. My marriage of thirteen years was on shaky ground; a small business venture was failing; I faced financial challenges; and my career was seemingly going nowhere. I was feeling pretty down about my life. In this hour of need, a friend recommended I attend a life awareness workshop she had found most helpful for her life. With some apprehensions, I enrolled for the workshop in 1990.
The workshop lived up to many of the things my friend had told me. I gained certain insights and understandings about myself, my life. I gained some “tools” (as I refer to them) that helped me question and deal with my beliefs, opinions, and behaviour towards events, situations and circumstances. Within six months however, I regressed back to feeling many of the same old feelings of emptiness of non-ok’ness. Clearly, something was still missing that I could not identify...

The definition of Success for My Life:


“The expression of power and creativity through the creation of an environment of peace, contentment and perfection for the manifestation of love, trust, caring, honesty, fun and freedom of choice"

Sergio Salotto


My objective with each article on this website is to offer you an opportunity of getting to know and understand more about yourself; WHO or WHAT is that True Self within. Working through these articles offers you the opportunity of identifying and eliminating hidden, fundamental emotional needs and fears to enable you to experience and live a more fulfilling life. 


What do you require for this journey? 


Undertaking any project requires certain, basic things. For example, we need to have a clear objective, the appropriate tools for the job, a user / instruction manual on how to use the tools etc.


A project to find the answers for our life is no different.

For this 'project' - your life - the first three articles below can be considered as the 'instruction manual'. The basic tools necessary to provide you with the opportunity to identify and eliminate the “hidden” root source for your emotional challenges and issues.


Of course, you might decide to do your own thing and read the articles in my blog at random. That’s ok. It is likely you will still relate and identify with much of what I say. Should you, however, experience difficulty in identifying with my message and the underlying sources of any issues, you may need to work through these three Essential articles first.

The Essentials



Life Journey Mentoring

  • Eliminate one of the greatest self-limiting feelings and beliefs: "I'm not good enough."

  • Relationships – identify and resolve issues and challenges; how to create win-win relationships without needing to compromise.

  • Identify the meaning for your life – not about any religious beliefs or teachings.

  • Uncover all the answers that you already know within yourself about your life — your  greatest form of self-empowerment.

Spiritual Counseling

  • Our Reason for Being

  • Why have we chosen to be in this life?

  • What does it mean to be a Spiritual Being living a Human experience? And why are we living through this experience.

  • Karma. Is it a requirement for our Spiritual development, or a Human creation that should never have been; that we must now eliminate? And how can we do that in THIS Lifetime.

Public Speaking

Informative talks and inspirational discussions on matters like:

  • Why we do what we do?

  • Are Human beings really imperfect?

  • What is the root source for feeling: “I am not good enough.”?

  • Compromise does not create win-win situations. Why we really do it.

  • Reason for our Beingness.

  • Recognising your unique Life Purpose.

  • Why did we start on the path of addictions: smoking, drink, (ab)using drugs, and other human desires and lusts.

  • We eat what we are: "unhappiness with self and life leads to unhealthy eating."

Mentoring: One - on - One / Group Workshops

My mentoring offers you the opportunity to:

  • Identify and eliminate the underlying root source for your feelings and belief of being “not good enough”

  • Enjoy loving relationships without compromise

  • Identify your life purpose

  • Learn how to internalise true unconditional acceptance of Self (true love of Self)

  • Identify your Inner Self – Who are you really?

  • Live your life exercising real freedom of choice without fear of possible consequences



You have turned my beliefs upside down – in a constructive, thought provoking way

Interesting different insights to things

I learnt something very different and new from you today

You bring a totally different perspective on how we should be living

I needed to hear that

I have worked through things today with you that I have not done in years of therapy


Most people have little to no time for relaxation, quality personal time to chill out, and to focus on what "I want for me". Everyone is too busy with career objectives, family commitments and responsibilities, raising children, balancing personal finances and so on in an effort to be successful, fulfilled, create or bring some meaning into our life. Many people also go through life wondering what their life purpose might be - why are they here? – and come to the end of their life without ever having identified this.


You, do not need to be one of these people.


Everyone I speak to – regardless of gender, age, culture, religious belief, profession, education or social status – undeniably acknowledges experiencing feelings of being “not good enough” in many, if not most, situations in their life – be it with family, intimate relationships, friendships, work, career, and other.


Do you also identify with similar feelings and belief about your life? What I discovered for myself about these feelings and belief – and subsequently also for other people – is that feelings and belief of being “not good enough” represent only the 10% tip of the “iceberg” of the emotions and feelings we experience; only what we are consciously aware of. Underlying this is a greater and more powerful 90% destructive force that we are not consciously aware of. My discovery and elimination of this 90% force turned out to be an everlasting life-changing moment for my life


I can also help you to identify their root source and eliminate them entirely from your life.


That underlying force is what drives us to consider and make most of our decisions based on our fears of the possible consequences we might have to face and experience if we did not compromise on what we really want to do; what would be right and good for us - to exercise our true freedom of choice. For example, leaving a non-working relationship, changing or giving up a job, our choice of career or profession etc. In considering our fears, we give them power and control over our freedom to exercise free choices that would be more meaningful to our life. I also discovered that contrary to what we are taught, compromise is not the essential and virtuous quality for creating win-win and loving relationships. It is in fact the total opposite because by compromising we automatically became and live as victims of our circumstances – which could be positive experiences when our expectations are met ... or, negative when they were not.


The truth of the matter is that whether positive or negative, this makes our emotional and physical well-being dependent on and controlled by circumstances and situations. And if/when we do not have a good experience we blame everyone and everything else – our circumstances; when things go well, of course, we claim the credit for having acted responsibly – unwarrantedly so as I discovered.


My OPTiO Training workshops (Chrysalid & PurCon) offer you the opportunity to take time out for yourself to reflect on and work through your personal challenges and issues in your life. And to identify your life’s real purpose that is unrelated to any religious or such other ideology or bias.

Check here for the next Chrysalid Workshop dates.

OPTiO Training’s workshops will enable you to identify and eliminate the root source (underlying 90% destructive force) of your feelings and belief of being not good enough and empower you to:


  • Experience open and loving relationships

  • Regain your self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth

  • Become self-empowered

  • Identify your life’s REAL purpose (why you are here?)

  • Experience your state of Self-Actualisation

  • Live your life exercising true freedom of choice

  • Embrace true unconditional acceptance of Self - true LOVE


CHRYSALID is the first of the two part OPTiO Training workshops.


This is an experiential journey of internalizing data from an intellectual level of understanding to an experience.

Why an experiential process? Simply because things we experience become more part of our life and what we know whereas things we learn intellectually, we retain in our memory for limited periods – especially things we do not use or apply our mind to on a regular basis.


See how your feelings, beliefs, points of view, sense of rightness, opinions and attitudes block you from achieving what is really important and meaningful in your life.


Discover the root source of your anger, depression, frustration, stress, fears and other such emotional “dis-eases”

Eliminate the root source for your feelings and belief of being not good enough



Change from making decisions out of fear of possible consequences to exercising true freedom of choice – stop compromise

Regain your self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, independence and much more


Experience good, meaningful relationships without needing to compromise


Free yourself from “disorders” and/or “dis-eases” such as drug abuse, smoking, drinking, eating disorders etc.



PURCON - The second part of OPTiO Training workshops can only be done after doing CHRYSALID.


By the end of PURCON, you will have:

Declared Your Life Purpose

Defined Your Personal Meaning of Success for Your Life

Identified Your Uniqueness

- Who You Truly Are -

This will enable you to realise and fulfill your life’s true dreams and vision.



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