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  • Overcome emotional issues and challenges (your trigger buttons).

  • Eliminate feelings of "inadequacy" such as, being 'not good enough.'

  • Experience the meaning of UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE of Self.

  • Avoid compromising out of fear of rejection or being a failure.

  • Recognise your Life Purpose.

  • Be the Power for Change of your karma

I have developed a unique mentoring process that will guide and empower you to control emotions, and live your life FREE of emotions-driven stress, anxiety, frustration, depression and other related "dis-eases."

In this FREE introductory session, we discuss how you can eliminate your No 1 Fundamental Belief in only 4 x 1:00Hr sessions with my unique mentoring process.

Experiencing feelings of inadequacy such as:

  • being unworthy

  • lacking self-confidence

  • low self-esteem

  • fearing rejection or being a failure (failing)

  • not loving self... etc.

Leads to the belief of you being “not good enough.” A feeling that seems impossible to eliminate no matter what you do or achieve, or how successful you are.


Mind and behaviour “reprogramming tools” may help you manage your feelings and beliefs, but they DO NOT help you to identify and eliminate their root SOURCE.

As a result, you have to be continuously “on guard,” aware, of your emotion triggers so as to manage your (re)actions to achieve an acceptable, positive outcome.

The reason for that is because mind "reprogramming tools" focus on "navigating" around the tip (10%) of your emotional iceberg; what you are consciously aware of and strive to avoid.


Bur, as is the case with an iceberg, the "destructive" part, the force, is the hidden 90% that lies beneath the surface; the personal, self-limiting Belief you are NOT (so) consciously aware of. YOUR, no 1 Fundamental Belief. Identifying and eliminating THAT, is what will automatically eliminate the WHOLE iceberg.

From a personal life-changing experience in 1991, I discovered and developed a unique process for identifying and eliminating the underlying Fundamental No 1 SOURCE (90%) Belief for all feelings of "inadequacy" - that you experience as a general feeling of being "not good enough."

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