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Honouring Your Inner Self

As you sow, so you shall reap; Cause and Effect; Karma


Do you ever wish your life could be different; better relationships, career, finances, health?


  • Uncover why YOU are so much more than an "imperfect" Human Being.  

  • Eliminate the source of feelings of being “not good enough.”

  • Recognise your Life Purpose.

  • Exercise Free Will and change your Karma NOW.

  • Why do you behave and express yourself the way you do?


Every moment of every day our interactions with family members, friends, colleagues and even strangers are influenced by how we behave and by what we say.  Why do we behave and express ourselves the way we do?


Your personality plays a huge role in all aspects of your life. It influences the way you gather and process information which affects your health and wellbeing.


Fully understanding and accepting yourself, allows you to understand and accept others which creates the life and health you desire and deserve. 


We are THE Creators of the REALITIES we experience in the world. It is not God’s intent nor design for Man to live a life of pain and suffering - the teachings by many Great Masters throughout history.


This workshop will show you why and how feelings and beliefs of being “not good enough” block you from recognising your Life Purpose, are the source of EGO and GREED and result in compromise of Inner Self.

Workshop details:


Date:           Saturday, 6th October 2018

Times:          9:00am – 16:00pm

Location:      13 Libra Avenue




Cost:          R 600 p.p. (includes Teas & Lunch)

- Registrations close 24:00HR Wednesday, 3rd October, 2018 -