• Sergio Salotto

Free Choice & Your Life's Purpose

The power of freedom of choice is possibly the greatest gift given to mankind. So why is everyone not living their perfect life?

The obvious answer would have to be because we are not choosing to live such a life. But that’s absurd. Why on earth would anyone, having the freedom to choose, not want to choose, create and live the perfect life for themselves? Why would anyone freely choose to create and live a life of pain and suffering?

This is an argument that can go around and around without really coming to a definitive or fool-proof conclusion. Many would answer or justify this based on the reality of their religious beliefs and/or philosophies like karma and reincarnation, the forces and temptations of Satan, and so on. However, as a person’s reality and truth can change, according to changes in their beliefs and ideologies, such answers cannot be taken to represent Life’s factual reality – that exists independently of anyone’s beliefs.

To find the true answer, as to whether or not man is freely choosing not to live his perfect/ideal life, we might need to ask whether we really know what true freedom of choice means and what choices we are meant to be making for our life.

Every religion and philosophical belief has their own interpretation of the meaning of man’s freedom of choice. Each has their own teachings of how we ought to be exercising this to create a better quality of life for ourselves. But, if the claims of each of these institutions represents true freedom of choice, why have these not created lifestyles free of pain, suffering, war and destruction? Of course, we can believe in and justify anything for the sake of upholding our religious, cultural and social beliefs. But how have these resulted in a better life for everyone and everything on this planet? Let’s face facts; they have not, still don’t and perhaps never will on their present principles and ideologies.

Something, therefore, must clearly be wrong - because we have focused on, and continue to focus on, the wrong aspects of our life. The bottom line of main stream religious beliefs and ideologies, is that they drive people through fear while at the same time being seen to teach and bring love. Well, the reality is that the two cannot co-exist. You cannot achieve or embrace true love if you are driven by fear.

No matter what you may think or believe, you actually have a real and true purpose for your life; a real reason for being in this life. This is nothing mystical or esoteric. It is a down-to-earth, practical life purpose – or vision, if you prefer. You have experienced and been touched by your life purpose in various degrees all your life. You have even unconsciously acted out of it and done things – however small or seemingly insignificantly they may seem – without being aware that you were, in fact, acting out of it. That is how strong and relevant it is for you.

Your purpose is so large for your life that you consider it too big to accept, embrace and commit yourself to. You likely do not even consider yourself a possibility – that is to say, believing you are able to fulfil your purpose - because you do not believe in yourself and/or do not consider yourself good or worthy enough. So, it becomes easier to negate and suppress what you really feel about it, despite its importance for your life.

What you may not realise is that, in negating this, you are giving up on taking responsibility to exercise your true freedom of choice and be the creator of your circumstances. The sum of which, results in your being out of Integrity with your true Inner Self.

In giving up on exercising your freedom of choice to commit yourself to fulfil your life purpose, you are compromising on your life and, by default, become a victim of your circumstances - driven by emotional fears and needs. Resulting in a life of pain and suffering.

You have the power to change it all, by taking responsibility to exercise your true freedom of choice and live your life in Integrity with who you truly are and fulfilling your life’s Purpose.

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