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Are You Really What You Eat?

Food - essential for our sustenance and vitality, is also a source of much anxiety and distress in the world. On one side there are millions of people that do not have enough to eat on daily basis whilst on the opposite side millions have an elegant, if not superfluous, sufficiency. Yet, even for those that have enough, food is a source of much anxiety and stress because of such internal self-talk as: “I am too fat, too skinny, I need to diet; should I follow a low carb high protein diet plan; should I be vegan, vegetarian, meat eating, or any of the above combinations.

This ‘food epidemic’, especially amongst the “haves”, has given rise to a whole industry focused on promoting nutrition and health. With the various points of views, beliefs and/or scientific studies on nutrition, health products and food choices, claiming to be “the right one”, the question remains: “which is the right one?” We have seen time and again how what is considered unacceptable, or acceptable, at one point is later challenged and/or contradicted, even disproved. Which begs questioning even further as to which one is actually right; the new or the old; or any for that matter?

But what if the root source of this food “dilemma” was to actually lie in something entirely different, something we are missing?

The nutrition-wellness market and industry appears to be grounded on the understanding and belief that: “you are what you eat” – what is considered as being the “truth.” This supports the idea that by changing what you eat you can and will change what you are - a logical and simple equation. By following this principle equation, a person should be able to change how they see and feel about themselves. In practice however, except for some, most people find it a challenge to make this equation work. Many do not experience and achieve the results they seek, so, they give up. Many others keep changing diets in the hope that “the next one” will be the right one for them – and still do not succeed. Some initially achieve great results then find it hard to maintain and soon fall back to where they were – or even worse.

The only real winners in this market are the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and other distributors – in other words, the “industry.”

But why do people not succeed?

I have reason to believe that it is because the equation is based on incorrect principles and belief. The equation should read: “you eat what you are.” This is not mere semantics. It is a life-changing step as I discovered for my life – see my “A Life-Changing Moment”.

We use food to address and/or satisfy many things and emotional needs we experience in our life. It can be a source of comfort or self-punishment, an escapism, a means for creating and giving our life some meaning, we can use it for motivation – setting and striving to achieve a goal, for social acceptance, gaining recognition and acknowledgement, feel loved (possibly the fundamental overriding need), gain self-worth and confidence, etc. Emotional needs linked to and triggered by our feelings and belief of being “not good enough” – what people are striving to overcome ... often without success.

What you really need to do is identify the root source of this feeling and belief – it goes beyond your childhood experiences and the dynamics of your family environment. By identifying the root source and eliminating your belief of being “not good enough” will enable and empower you to eliminate any need for being dependent on “things” – be it diets or anything else – for your overall wellbeing and to be who you really are - read about how to “Eliminate that Feeling ”.

Uncovering and accepting who you really are, will result in you seeing yourself differently, changing your mind set, and your body will react accordingly. Food then takes on a different meaning. It becomes a means to sustain your body. You will be able to eat whatever you want and be healthy.

With a healthy state of mind you will only eat what the body requires. And it can and will be healthy, creative, colorful, tasty and enjoyable.

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