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Should We Fear Death?

Shannan Knox - (Posted to Facebook)

What is it about death that you fear? Why do you fear death my dear? Be still, look inside, beyond the barriers of your mind. There you will find that there is no time and space, its an illusion of this race. Fear is human based, to steal your joy and remove you from grace. Forget the lies that you've been told...no we do not die.....yes our body grows old. Our soul is eternal you see, no beginning, no ending. So what about death do you fear my friend, this is not the beginning, nor is it the end. - Shan

The words posted by Shannan Knox (above) convey a life-altering message for me.

As none of us (alive) have experienced Death, how can we really know what it means to die, what it will be like, what we might face once on “the other side” other than what we have been taught to believe? What, therefore, is it that we fear - or not ... if you believe in reincarnation?

All we have and “know” about death is a concept given to us by living humans of what death is "supposed to be". A concept taught and given as beliefs and ideals that we are expected to just accept; concepts and ideals created by people who themselves have not been through the process of death and therefore do not have first-hand experience of what it is really like to die. Even people that have had near death experiences cannot conclusively claim to know what it is really like because they, practically, have not experienced that "final step" – they are still here ... as I know from someone close to me.

So what is it that we are really afraid of? Perhaps, what we really fear is living. Living our life being who we really are because we do not believe in ourselves, we fear being ridiculed, rejected, feeling separated, not acceptable, and so on. Emotional fears and needs that drive us to compromise ourselves for the sake of being accepted, acceptable and part of. This sets us on a life journey of looking for and depending on “external things" (of self) to make us feel fulfilled and create meaning for our life. Only to find that no matter what we do or have, we continue to experience a level of emptiness within. Which sets us on another journey, of looking to things in the future when we might find, and have, “that something” that will fill the emptiness. That, blocks us from even beginning to consider the possibility of dying before realising that “moment”.

Some of our teachings, beliefs and doctrines by religions, social norms and values, and other philosophies teach us to believe that we are here (this life) to: worship God; to wait for the second coming of the Christ to redeem us and take us into heaven; to fulfil a karmic journey ... and so on – some of the “external things” we become dependent on. But IS that why God created us? IS that really what we are here for? Is there even a place such as the Hell we have been taught about? Would our God of love (as we are taught) have created "this place” of Hell and given us the power of exercising free will knowing full well, that the decisions we were most likely to follow would lead us on a "one-way ticket" to "that place" – which He/She/It must have well known we would opt for? Is our "God" really such a masochist? For what purpose?

Certainly not my God.

Perhaps, a more likely "scenario" we might face when we leave this world is to find ourselves in front of our "God" who poses us the question, "My child, I gave you a life to live, what did you do with it?" What will you answer? That you were waiting for Him/Her/It to tell you what you needed to do?

Consider what would happen at our place of work if we were to wait for our Employer to tell us what we must do moment to moment; if we considered the company we are employed by to be our life salvation; that we were employed for the sole and express purpose of bowing and worshipping our Employer all day long for all our life? Imagine us doing at our place of work what we are doing with our life? How likely is that we would stay, or even consider working there, or our Employer even having us. Not likely.

What if that is what we are doing with our life journey? Should we be waiting for God to: show, tell, guide us in our life journey, make us subservient worshippers of Him/Her/It? Can that really be His/Her/It's objective and purpose for our creation? In my humble view and experiences, most unlikely.

What stops and prevents us from living our life being who we really are, are the beliefs we have about ourselves such as, "I am not good enough", "I'm not worthy", "who am I?", "what can I do by myself?" and so on. Beliefs that do not allow us to take responsibility for our life. And that results in us justifying our experiences by blaming Satan, our ego, man's greed, believing that humans are "imperfect", karma ... and such other "external forces" for what we do and how we behave (or not).

Regardless of race, culture, social, religious or other beliefs, ALL of us are much more than what we believe and see ourselves to be. The beliefs and fears we experience and hold on to are just that – beliefs; they are not reality; they are only “real” in our own minds because we give them that power and control through believing they are “real”.

"Believe in who and what you truly are, Take responsibility for who and what you truly are, Live your life to its fullest moment to moment by being who and what you truly are, Live a fulfilled life moment to moment, For Death may then come at any moment." - Sergio Salotto

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