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What Is There To Fear About Death?

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

************************************* Shannan Knox - (Posted to Facebook)

What is it about death that you fear? Why do you fear death my dear? Be still, look inside, beyond the barriers of your mind. There you will find that there is no time and space, its an illusion of this race. Fear is human based, to steal your joy and remove you from grace. Forget the lies that you've been told...no we do not die.....yes our body grows old. Our soul is eternal you see, no beginning, no ending. So what about death do you fear my friend, this is not the beginning, nor is it the end. - Shan


Those words posted by Shannan Knox (above) convey a life-altering message for me.

Other than someone that has had a near death experience" (NDE), none of us (alive) have experienced Death or know what it means to die, what it will be like, or what we might face once on “the other side.” The only thing we have, is what we have been taught to believe — by those who have not gone through death. What, therefore, is it about death that we fear? I find this a "strange" thing to notice even amongst some believers in reincarnation.

What is it we are really afraid of if we don't know what it is? Perhaps, we fear death because we are not truly living our live to its fullest and so want to have more time to do the right thing, to atone our sins; we fear having to face up to the consequences of what we haven't done with our life. All because we fear living our life being Who We Really Are. Our fears being ridiculed, rejected, feeling separated, not acceptable, and so on lead us not to believe in ourselves. These emotional fears and needs drive us to compromise for the sake of being accepted, loved, part of, and feel a sense of belonging. This sets us on a life journey of looking for and depending on “external things" (of self) for fulfilment and to create meaning for our life. Only to find that no matter what we do or have, it is never enough and so we continue to experience an emptiness within.

Some religious teachings and doctrines, social norms and values, and other philosophical beliefs say we are in this life to: worship God; wait for the second coming of the Christ; that only through Jesus can we enter Heaven; fulfil a karmic journey ... and so on. We are taught about Hell and damnation if we do not obey God's Commandments — when have main stream religions practiced these? But is there truly even a place such as the Hell? Would a God of Pure Love and Light (as we are taught) have even contemplated creating such a place as Hell knowing that in giving us the power of Free Will (for God is All-knowing), we were most likely to make choices that would put us on a "one-way ticket" to "that place." Is this God of ours really that judgemental and cruel to knowingly condemn His own children in this way? For what purpose? Is that reason He created us, the reason for Being?

Certainly not my God.

Perhaps, a more likely scenario we might face when we leave this world, is to find ourselves in front of God who will pose us the question, "My child, I gave you a life to live, what did you do with it?" What will you answer? That you were waiting for Him/Her/It to save you from your mistakes because you went to church every week, prayed, meditated and followed all our other religious doctrines.

Consider what would likely happen at work if we were to depend on our Employer to advance our career because we go to the office each day, perform the job we are paid to do because we have to, are respectful and nice towards our Employer. Highly unlikely we would progress any further than the job we are — if lucky to even keep it.

That is perhaps what we are doing with our life journey. Hoping God will accept and forgive us because we have prayed, bowed and worshipped Him/Her/It whilst continuing to wage war against one another. I doubt God will wipe our life-slate clean unless we change our behaviour and clean it for ourselves.

To do that we need to stop and look at what prevents us from living our life being who we really are. The thing that blocks us is the beliefs we have about ourselves such as, "I am not good enough", "I'm not worthy", "who am I?", "what can I do" and so on. Beliefs we use to avoid taking responsibility for our life. It is much easier to hold Satan responsible for our behaviours, blame karma, our ego, greed, our human "imperfection", and such other "external forces."

Regardless of race, culture, social, religious or other beliefs, ALL of us are so much more than what we believe and see ourselves to be. The fears we hold on to and experience are only self-created beliefs; they are not reality. They appear “real” only in our own minds because we give them the power and control to be “real”.

"Believe in who and what you truly are, Take responsibility for who and what you truly are, Live your life to its fullest moment to moment by being who and what you truly are, Live a fulfilled life moment to moment, For Death may then come at any moment." - Sergio Salotto

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