• Sergio Salotto

No Religious Bias

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

“I do not preach any religious doctrine”

Some of my articles and quotes refer to or include extracts from Biblical texts and doctrines. These are not aimed or intended to push or preach any religious preference or doctrine.

My objective is to explore why we (Man) continue to live in contradiction to the many messages in the Texts, just as these messages are also preached and taught by religions.

For example, what is unclear and difficult to understand about God being non-judgemental, being unconditionally loving, caring, a God of equality and non-discrimination? Do we really not understand the written message? What part of the Biblical texts and lessons are so “clouded” to render them subject to misinterpretation? In my view: NONE.

Are we then conveniently ignoring all that to satisfy personal emotional needs, fears, greed, ego, control, religious self-righteous beliefs and ideologies? If so, what are we still not addressing about our emotional needs, greed etc. to change the way we live? Do we even know?

Our ongoing judgments, discrimination, wars and

destruction of one another, our natural environment and this planet – in the name of God – continues because we do not know nor experience unconditional acceptance of Self – the true love of Inner Self, the Godly love through which we are all created as ONE.

You can identify and eliminate the root of your emotional needs, fears, greed, ego etc. that are blocking you from experiencing true love of Self. This is the main objective of my work and writings.

To create a better world and experience a better life, we need to understand the reasons why we do not know how to internalise our unconditional acceptance of Self.

You can do it. We all can do it. We all can change everything “overnight.”

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