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Your Life Purpose – and the confusion

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

What is your life purpose? Do you ever wonder about it?

There are many beliefs about this, like:

  • Identifying that one thing you love to do more than anything else in your life; what you are most good at.

  • The legacy you would want to leave for this world once you die.

  • That it isn’t anything globally BIG you need to accomplishment.

  • Whatever self-achievement you want to attain for yourself in life.

  • Not something you can achieve by yourself; something you are a part of.

  • That you are your purpose – your reason for being in this world

  • Entering into and making a contract with your Soul (Inner Self) to be who you are by letting go of any negative beliefs you have about yourself

  • To fulfil your Soul’s journey of karma and reincarnation

  • Enlighten yourself with knowledge about life

  • To worship God

  • Just to be yourself

Answers to this question are as numerous and varied as there are religions, philosophies, cultures, and individual beliefs.

For example, additional to the above are also the ones below which I summarise to provide a simplistic answer simply to demonstrate some of the basic principle differences – it is not my intention to promote, compare or pass judgement over any of them:

Buddhism - To enlighten ourselves (about Life) and, through our own enlightenment, to enlighten others by serving as examples or role models and never through forcing others.

Christianity - To worship God and unify the people of the world in the name of Jesus Christ through baptism.

Hinduism - Some believe that the attainment of love is the purpose of life; others say they need to reincarnate numerous times into this life in order to attain a state of Godliness from which they will no longer need to come back to earth again; some believe that the spirit can manifest itself in any life form and that they are here to manifest the (human) life form they are doing at present.

Islam - Worship to the One True Almighty God on Terms and under His Conditions (“ibadah”); Worshipping Allah by accepting Allah’s Will over his (man) own.

Judaism - Every soul has a specific purpose besides the general purpose of making an abode for God in this world. ... a soul may descend to this world just to do a favor for another in the material or the spiritual realms whenever presented with an opportunity that is certainly sent from Above.

What stands out for me about these religion’s doctrines and beliefs is how little they have in common – almost nothing. Even though they have the common objective to worship a God of all creation. Which, therefore, is the real one? Are any of them? Are we perhaps all meant to fulfil a common purpose – like worshipping God, waiting for the coming of Jesus, sit in the Lotus position and meditate for hours each day?

Or, do we perhaps in fact have a unique and individual purpose we should be living to fulfil? And if we do, how do we identify it?

Some weeks ago at a talk on this subject, the speaker said that if he had 1 cent for every time people asked him the question about their life purpose, by now he would have been a very rich man. It seems therefore that many people are searching for and want to know about this seemingly illusive element to their life.

From the list above, it is also not surprising that much confusion is created by the many and varied beliefs and ideologies that are out there.

People have proudly claimed to me of knowing their life purpose – usually identified as one of or a combination of some of the above. Yet when they work thru my process of identification, most are emotionally overwhelmed and overpowered by their experience from within their inner core. And what they identify with is generally nothing like any of the above purported answers to their life purpose.

Neither do they identify their purpose to be that of achieving fame and glory, making money, being successful, lying on the beach all day, travelling the world, being a fighter jet pilot, a CEO, having their own business, or such other things we are pursuing in life.

There is nothing mystical, religious, metaphysical or philosophical about your life purpose. It is something very real for you; something you experience, are touched by and feel passionate about whether or not you are doing anything about it. Your true life purpose is something you experience and feel at your Inner Core, your Inner Self, your Soul. It represents your innermost passion of what you would really want to fulfil in/for your life.

Many people also consider and believe that the goals they set themselves in life are what constitutes their life purpose. Nothing is further from the truth. The table below gives an indication of the difference between a Goal and our Life Purpose/Vision:

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