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I Took "The Other" Path In My Spiritual Journey

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Along the way in our life journey, at times we come to a fork in the path when we are faced with deciding to continue head down on the path we are on, or, consider taking “the other” path.

At 18 I had a cartilage operation to my knee. Nothing out of the ordinary; routine surgery. My post-op recovery, however, was not as routine as it should have been. I developed internal infection necessitating re-hospitalisation and for the first two days back things just worsened. After ten days I was sent home to complete my recovery. But things didn’t quite go as anticipated. I continued to struggle to make a full recovery. I lacked the will and energy to get out of bed; my knee was not healing as it should have; and I just felt overall down and lousy.

Things were just not adding up (so to speak). My struggle with all this seemed to defy all logic and reason.

Unbeknown to us, a family friend recommended to my mother that we should perhaps go and see a lady she knew that practiced Spiritual healing (energy healing). Our instant reaction was: “What! A Spiritualist! Those “ghosty” people?” As Roman Catholics, of course, we considered this to be the work of evil, something not to be dabbled with. Back then, us kids would mockingly make a cross with our fingers whenever we went past the Spiritualist Church in town – as protection from “those weirdo spooky people”

Given my situation, however, we nevertheless decided to go and meet the lady healer. With a degree of apprehension, we entered the room she worked from. Much to my surprise, it was not the dark and dingy little room with candles, crystal balls, veils, broomsticks, etc. that I had pictured in my mind. Neither did this lady look “spooky” or anything strange like that. She was actually a normal person like us.

The thing I recall saying first to her was that as Roman Catholics we did not believe in “these things” (Spiritualism). She replied that she wasn’t about to try and convince us about anything. She pointed me to sit on the stool positioned in front of the couch she sat on and placed her hands on my knee. Silence.

After a short while, turning to my mom and dad she broke the silence to give them “messages” from their respective parents who had passed away in Italy many years before. The evidence and description of them that she provided was unbelievable coming from someone who knew absolutely nothing about them, or us for that matter. We were somewhat speechless. She told us that all this was being given to her from those on the other side – my grandparents.

How could this woman have known such information about our families back in Italy? Not even our family friend could have given this lady such details because she didn’t even know them. From that moment, I wanted to know more. I wanted to understand more about this “religion.” Oh! And, yes, equally to our surprise, her prayers did kick-start the healing process of my knee which led to a full recovery of the internal infection and my overall condition.

When I became mobile again, I went to visit this healer lady – the late Mrs. Erica Hegarty (Erica)... what a wonderful Soul. My visits became an “education” about Spiritualism. I learned, for example, that Spiritualism is not a religion but a Way of Life.

The more I understood about the workings of Spiritualism, the more it seemed to me that this Way of Life was very much aligned with the writings and teachings of both the Old and New Testaments in the Holy Bible; the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church; Christianity in general; and, later in my life, also other doctrines and philosophies.

I also realised that views and beliefs against Spiritualism by orthodox religions, are completely wrong. For example, the views that the dead should be left alone, that it is wrong to call them up. These beliefs are a total misguidance of the reality of Spiritualism. Because spiritualist mediums do not have the control or power to call up anyone specific, or connect with someone they of their choosing that has passed on. The truth is that it is those that have passed over into Spirit that choose to communicate to their loved ones on this side through a spiritualist medium. A medium can do nothing other than make themselves available as humble and sincere channels for communication for those on the other side.

What I was learning from Erica also led me wonder and ponder over whether perhaps Jesus might have been such a medium; were the miracles He performed perhaps demonstrating His level of development and attunement to the powers and energies of Universal Spirit (God)? After all, it is written that Jesus is to have taught, "I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father." (John 14:12). Why would He have said this if it was not true or possible for an “ordinary” person to do so? If this wasn’t something available to all of us, then His words would make Him a liar.

But if He was a medium, then for me, His teachings make Him a much greater “person” than being “... a begotten Son of God.” Because, if He performed the miracles by virtue of being “... a begotten Son of God” thus having Godly powers, then His miracles are not such “miraculous” feats. One would expect Him to be able to perform them if He had such powers. However, if “He” was an ordinary man whose awareness and connection with Spiritual energies empowered “Him” to perform the miracles, in my view, it makes “Him” a much greater Being – a true life example of what all of us are capable of.

On one of my visits to Erica I shared these views about Jesus. As I did so, I experienced something twitch within me like a “light bulb” moment. I experienced some sort of “inner knowing” that I wanted to bring healing, justice, equality and peace to this world, to mankind; to eliminate pain and suffering – little did I know at the time that I was making a statement of my Life Purpose as I was to identify some twenty two years later.

That “light bulb” moment was the point of “the fork of my path” in life. Do I continue walking my Roman Catholic path, or do I take “The Other” path? I didn’t have to ponder much on this as I knew without hesitation that I would embrace Spiritualism as my Way of Life. And so, I stepped onto “The Other” path of my Spiritual journey for my life. I also wanted to develop as a medium.

Development of mediumship is a life-long journey of identifying and developing one’s spiritual gifts of mediumship. It is a journey with no end. One only experiences and is aware of a step-by-step progress along the way. Each of us develops our personal and unique gifts of mediumship. Some people are aware of their gifts from childhood and go on to develop and refine them further. Others of us don’t have it that “easy”; we must work on identifying and developing them (that’s me). One of my gifts is that of channelling and giving Spirit-inspired talks – also referred to as addresses in Spiritualism... a type of sermon as given by a priest – except that I do not pre-prepare or pre-empt what my talk might be about. After delivering such talk, I generally do not recall much of the details; only a general gist of the subject.

I have recorded some of the messages I have delivered. What I find very interesting about them is that they are generally about how we should be living better lives. All rather different to other conventional religious and philosophical beliefs and ideologies that teach and preach about: hell and damnation; accepting our life experiences as necessary lessons for our Soul’s development (Karma); our life being dedicated to worshipping and praying to God; a life of penitence for our sins; living this life as “servants” to God; ... and so on. The teachings in my messages are about connecting with and living out of our greater Inner Self, our Inner Love; being greater Beings than we are; manifesting our greatness... etc.

Teachings about how we aught be the SOURCE of greater experiences about ourselves in our life instead of living as VICTIMS of our man-made beliefs, ideologies and teachings.

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