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Updated: Dec 28, 2021


To BE and LIVE in integrity with who you are, requires living in alignment with three fundamental elements within. Three elements operating in total congruence with one another in every single moment of your life. This congruence is not something you switch on or of; decide to do or not. You are either aligned because it is WHO YOU ARE – or you are not. When, or if, you are not aligned, you are out of integrity with Inner Self. That means, you are compromising on Self.

The three elements that need to be aligned are your THOUGHTS (what you would truly want to achieve in your life for our planet), FEELINGS (the beliefs you have of yourself about achieving and fulfilling your THOUGHTS) and what you are DOING (are you living every moment of your life fulfilling your inner desire and passion about life).

For example, you may have a deep wish and life-long desire to:

  • bring about peace in the world

  • be a protector of animals,

  • save the environment/planet

  • protect children

  • speak out against human injustices and global destruction by mankind

  • ... or whatever else is of fundamental importance to you.

Your THOUGHTS and FEELINGS represent your view, perception and what you feel about life on this planet. The reasons for your wanting to make a difference. But are you DOING it? My guess would be that you are not. Because you consider this to be too great a task to achieve; an impossible and ideologically undertaking which YOU (alone) could not possibly do anything about. And so you switch it off; ignore and give up on what is truly your life’s real passion.

Giving up becomes even easier to justify and live with because you may feel and believe that you are “not good enough” or “not important enough” to stand up for making a difference in the world. You may even be saying to yourself things like, “Why would/should anyone listen to what I have to say and want to do?”

But, by giving up on following through with the DOING you COMPROMISE on the required alignments of your INTEGRITY – the CORE ESSENCE of your INNER SELF.

Consider this:

The first letter of INTEGRITY is.... “ I “… The ‘I’ of the ‘I Am’. That which represents your inner Self.

When you COMPROMISE on your INTEGRITY, you are compromising on WHO YOU REALLY ARE. And there are no levels or degrees of what is or is not acceptable about compromising on the CORE of your ESSENCE. When you compromise on your CORE ESSENCE, you have no option but to also compromise on everything else in your life.

And that, is the source of human ego and greed.

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