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(Part 1/3) CHICKEN or EGG – which really came first?

This article was originally written September 24th, 2011

The "Chicken / Egg" conundrum remains a point of debate as to which came first - and how. However, could we have already been given the answer? How might that change your life and what would it mean for our human existence and Purpose in life?

Is religion and the biblical account of our creation correct? Are we a product of evolution as proposed by Darwin? Could we be products of Beings from other planets? Do the Hindu Vedas, Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita provide the answer? Are atheist perhaps correct?

One's truth on this subject will depend on one's beliefs. However, regardless of any belief there is still the missing link with respect to origins of The Source by which everything exist – God, all other Deities, the Cosmos/Universe, aliens, organisms, air, light, water, matter, etc. that has contributed to our existence as humans. Whether or not Life itself began with The Big Bang, black holes or any other natural phenomenon, that still begs the question of how that these "things" originate. Some thing would have had to be present for these things to exist. If there is such a thing as Nothingness, or the Void from which all things evolved, these Nothing and Void are some thing. What is the source of these? What and how were they created? How did they come into being? What is that source life for all these things to exist? The miniature Big Bang created at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN was a re-creation of something (supposedly) that already exists – as proposed by Dr. Stephen Hawking. It seems, therefore, that science can research, prove, quantify, or re-create that which already exists. So what is the fundamental source of Life?

Between 1989–1991 when I was working through some challenges in my life, I embarked on a journey for some self-introspection.

Along the way, from a life-changing moment I gained insights on some fundamentally different understandings and meanings about Responsibility versus Blame; Freedom of Choice versus Making Decisions out of fears of possible consequences; and what true Integrity with one's Self really means and requires. In that moment I also identified and understood my life’s real Purpose – which interestingly, is something I had already known and experienced all my life... I just had not recognised it as such.

That led me to question the effects that the beliefs, ideologies and teachings given by religions and other philosophies have on our life. For example:

  • Do they help us live a meaningful and fulfilling life?

  • Do they allow us to manifest our Spiritual Self?

  • Do they represent and demonstrate the real Godly love they preach and teach?

  • Do they practice unconditional acceptance and equality for everyone and everything?

  • Do they really practice what they preach about God’s will for all living things on earth?


  • Are they teaching, preaching, and practicing fear based doctrines - the opposite to their teachings of an all-loving God?

Very simplistically, without judgement, comparisons or intent to offend or question anyone’s beliefs, some of the fundamental teachings of our religions are based on:

  • Christianity – the belief that we are born with mortal sin and that only through Christ will we be “saved”

This means that we are “doomed” from the start by the mere act of being conceived and born; what kind of God is this that consider Beings of His creation sinners before they have even done anything?

  • Judaism – that Jewish people are God-chosen

Does that mean God has preferences; that we are not all equal in HIS eyes; that HE is after all judgemental?

  • Islam - the purpose of one’s existence is to worship GOD alone.

Has GOD created mankind to have them worship and bow down to HIM? Why? Does HE need an ego boost? If none of these, then why would God create a species (humans) for the purpose of having them worship HIM?

  • Hinduism – the journey of karma and reincarnation for our Souls to develop, learn and attain Nirvana/Godlikeness…

This indicates that the Soul has needs to fulfil; if IT is “deficient” it cannot be complete or perfect. Why would a God of love, a God that is perfect create an imperfect Soul, a Soul that has needs to fulfill - like, experiencing and learning lessons from a physical incarnation?

  • New Age — a relatively new movement from some 70+ years ago. This promotes a philosophy of a "holistic world" of things, a greater spiritual awareness, a life of karma and re-incarnation. New Age beliefs are considered by many to represent the TRUTH about our Spiritual purpose and journey in this life.

Is it the truth? Or is it perhaps just another belief, ideology, another form of “religion”?

There are numerous other “isms” - tribalism, atheism etc. - by which people live their life. So many different beliefs, yet seemingly one common source of creation - “God” – in whatever form one identifies this to be. This, for me, begs the question, “is there such a thing as a Life Truth that stands apart from any and all religious or personal beliefs?” For instance, no matter what we may believe, the sun rises each day in what we call the east and sets in the west; the law of gravity just is - what goes up will come down. These are Life Truths and Realities that remain unaffected by anyone’s beliefs, labelling, or interpretations.

To find an answer or explanation to this “chicken-egg-chicken" conundrum, I decided to read the Bible from cover to cover to see if it referred to anything about this matter. Raised a Roman Catholic, the Bible in the form of King James's was not something I was taught to read from or refer to. In our catechism, however, we were taught the about the same Biblical events and stories contained in both the old and new testaments.

With noble intent I commenced my reading. The start went well but I did not get very far towards finishing - the Bible probably not being the type of book to be read from cover to cover like a novel. My non-finishing, though, might also have been influenced by something that caught my attention in Genesis Chapters 1 and 2. It is something that “stopped me in my tracks”, so to speak, as it seemed to clarify and explain the source of living things. The source of the “egg” for the "chicken"; the source of our life and existence – maybe even all Life in general.

At this point I am going to side track and jump forward three or four years when, during a meditation evening, this statement or message was given to us – from a Spiritual source:

“Is the SEED of the TREE? Or, Is the SEED the TREE?”

I was immediately struck by the similarity this had with what I had noted in Genesis.

Keep this statement in mind as I shall be coming back to it further on.

As the Bible was written by human hands and minds, it is likely that it is biased and influenced by the beliefs, ideologies, social norms and values of the time. But, what if notwithstanding such biases, underlying these there are messages based on a certain inspirations received from some or other Spiritual sources?

Whatever we may think or believe about the Bible, the Torah, the Quran, Taoism, Hinduism or other religious and philosophical doctrines, it cannot be denied that throughout history these writings have influenced our beliefs, ideologies, social norms, values and lifestyles. It is on this background that I consider those words in Genesis.

Mindful that what I am proposing can be summarily discounted as nothing other than personal interpretation, I want to make it clear that I had no pre-conceived ideal or belief I was seeking to justify to myself... or anyone else. What I noted in Genesis together with the message we received from that Spirit source during our meditation, does, however, strike me as being more than a mere coincidental correlation. It seems to me that something far more real exists quite apart from any of our religious beliefs, ideologies, dogmas and whatever else of this nature.

I also feel that if we – Mankind – understood the fundamental meaning of those words in Genesis and embraced their message, it would result in us living and creating a wondrous life for all on this planet.

(Continued in Part 2)

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