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(Part 3/3) CHICKEN or EGG – which really came first?

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

This article was originally written 1993. First published September 24th, 2011.

Pic update 2021.

What is human Perfection?

A “mantra” we live by to explain and justify our human destructive behaviour, is the belief that Man (humankind) is Imperfect. Against what criteria do we measure this “imperfection”?

I have yet to come across a "definition" that explains the criteria for human Perfection.

In the absence of such measurable criteria, what basis are we using to conclude that as we humans are “imperfect?” Is this based on Life's natural facts, religious doctrines, or something we are taught, and conditioned, to accept as a man-created belief?

The only way we can even begin to consider being "imperfect" is to know Perfection. And of course, if we know Perfection, the next obvious question is, "Why aren't we living up to it?" So, if there is such "a thing" as human Perfection, what might this look like?

Go back to (my) Part 1 on the point when I asked that you keep in mind for later reference that question:

“Is the SEED of the TREE? Or, Is the SEED the TREE?”

What is your answer to this? The message, or answer, is that “the SEED is the TREE.”

The SEED (being the “egg”) houses everything about the whole tree; its Spiritual Essence as created by God in Genesis 1, the SOUL; its complete DNA/blueprint of what the tree is to grow into (the grown “chicken”); its Perfect fullness of Creation.

That same form of Creation applies similarly to all other forms of life: the plants of the ground, the birds of the air, the cattle of the field, the fish of the sea. And the same Spirit of creation applies to us humans. Our human “seeds” (sperm and ovum) house our Spiritual Essence, our Soul; the DNA/blueprint of what and who we are, what we will be born into. Without such Spiritual Essence/Soul within any living Thing, there would be no life forms. This applies to the four elements of wind, fire, earth and water, all planets and the Universe in its entirety

As described in Genesis 1 verse 12 and 26 (in my part II), that God created everything and “… ALL was very good; …and made man in His image,” this means that everything HE created was/is PERFECT... and therefore must be COMPLETE. If something is Perfect and Complete, it requires no changes and that means such “thing” has NO NEEDS.

That state of PERFECTION and COMPLETENESS is what we recognise and accept unconditionally about nature, the natural environment on Earth and the Universe. Why do we refuse to acknowledge and unconditionally accept the same about ourselves, humankind? Notwithstanding it clearly and simply written that Man is an image of God—whom we accept as PERFECTION.

Humankind has warred with one another since the beginning of time in the name of (supposed) Biblical “truths.” Yet, we ignore the most fundamental Truth that we are all created equal in the image of God. The above clearly shows that our beliefs of “imperfection” have no basis of Reality. They are nothing other than man-made beliefs to trigger and fuel human emotional needs and fears to make us dependent on our man-made religious beliefs and doctrines—the actual root causes of our life challenges and problems. The writings in Genesis clearly tell us the exact opposite.

They tell us that:

  • God created us in His/Her image—making us PERFECT

  • “ALL HE (created) was very good;”—everything is therefore PERFECT

  • HE created male and female (genders) as equal—no basis for gender discrimination

All this sums up to the Reality that:

  • Accepting our PERFECTION would result in us having no emotional NEEDS, and therefore, no FEARS

  • Having no FEARS would result in accepting ourselves unconditionally for Who and What We Truly Are—true love of Self

  • Living from love of Self, we would unconditionally accept everyone and everything else without discrimination, judgement, jealousy, hatred, etc.

The answer to our individual and global problems rests on:

The unconditional acceptance of OUR PERFECTION.

Our factual Spiritual Genesis.

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