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(Part 3/3) CHICKEN or EGG – which really came first?

This article was originally written September 24th, 2011

Man is imperfect.

A “mantra” we believe, live by and use to explain and justify human behavior. But what is Perfection - against what criteria do we measure our "imperfection"? I have yet to come across what clearly defines human Perfection by which we should be living. In the absence of such measurable definition, what basis are we using to conclude that we are imperfect? We believe this only based on what we have been conditioned to accept and believe.

So, is there such a thing as human perfection?

Let’s go back to this point in Part 1:

“Is the SEED of the TREE? Or, Is the SEED the TREE?”

The message in this is that “the SEED is the TREE.” The seed (the “egg”) contains everything about the tree; it is the blueprint of what the tree is destined to grow into (the “chicken”).

In other words, the seed contains the SOUL of the tree; its Spiritual Essence; its LIFE.

The same applies to us humans. Our Spiritual Essence, our Soul contains the blueprint of what and who we are; what our life is meant to be and represent - our Purpose for this physical life.

Without the existence of this Spiritual blueprint in the seed, nothing can or will grow into anything physical. Equally for us, without our Spiritual Essence/Soul within - our seed - we would not become a living Being.

If at the time God created everything ALL was very good (and man made in His image), it means that everything created is PERFECT ... and therefore COMPLETE.

What, therefore, constitutes Perfection and Completeness? The absence of any and all needs - requires no changes. As with all things natural. We recognise and unquestionably accept unconditionally as Perfect everything natural. But we cannot do the same about ourselves. Notwithstanding that it has been written that Man was created in the image of God whom we accept as being perfect.

Our beliefs that we are IMPERFECT are all man-made to (conveniently) makes us dependent on the beliefs and doctrines we are taught. Which instill in us the needs to conform and fears of failing. Such as:

  • Mortal sin and what we need to do in order to gain forgiveness from God else we are doomed to a life of Hell and Damnation both in this life and the afterlife.

Who is benefitting from such indoctrination? – certainly not you and I.

  • Glorification and worshipping of God … else we are doomed never to enter his Kingdom

Why would an all knowing and loving God create us for this purpose?

  • If we do not live correctly in this life we will have to re-incarnate over and again until we get it right, OR, the acceptance of present life experiences as part of a karmic journey that one must just live through. Does that not imply that one’s life is pre-destined, fated? What free choice can one then exercise?

Doesn’t this equate to living life as a victim.

What effect do fears have on our life?

  • Fears trigger (emotional) NEEDS

  • Needs make us feel deficient and therefore IMPERFECT

  • The beliefs of being imperfect trigger more fears and needs (to attain PERFECTION)

  • Fears and needs do not allow us to exercise true freedom of choice of what we really want to do in our life

  • FEAR is also the opposite of LOVE which is what religions preach and teach about God

The belief that we are IMPERFECT gives rise to our fears and needs that result in us not knowing nor being able to accept ourselves unconditionally (love) for who and/or what we really are – the root cause of our problems.

The writings in Genesis however tell us the exact opposite.

They tell us that:

  • As we have been created in God’s image, we are PERFECT

  • As ALL HE created was very good, everything was therefore PERFECT

  • The male and female genders HE created are equal

All of which amounts to a reality that:

  • Accepting that we are PERFECT would result in us having no FEARS and therefore no NEEDS

  • Having no FEARS would result in us accepting ourselves unconditionally (love) for who and what we really are

  • Living out of the love of Self would result in us accepting everyone else unconditionally and LOVING one another and everything EQUALLY – without any discrimination, judgement, jealousy, hatred etc.

The answer to our individual and worldly troubles rests on:

OUR unconditional acceptance of OUR PERFECTION;

OUR Spiritual Genesis.

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