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4 Weeks Lockdown and More...

No personal / physical contact with friends, work and social colleagues or anyone else in the outside world. No business lunches, coffee meets, drinks at a favourite hangout, no party nights.

How is all this for you? How are you coping?

Are you at peace, relaxed and content with life, with yourself?

What personal insights have you realised, experienced, learnt about yourself?

Or are you “champing at the bit” to get back to work, back into the business “merry-go-round rat race” to give your life some meaning, a sense of purpose?

Are you having to cope with anxieties, stress, depression, questioning your self-worth, having to deal with relationship issues you normally would not have to confront?

How are you handling all the official and fake news, the political and financial propaganda, the conspiracy theories about 5G, the cabal, etc. in the media and social platforms? They provide or engender much comfort, do they?

Which of these narratives is correct, telling the plain simple truth? Do any of them? Or are each merely producing and spreading their own model (version) of FEAR—which we DO NOT need right now.

What effect are these having on your state of emotional well-being?

Knowing TRUTH is the KEY for our state of well-beingness— “and the Truth shall set you free”... so true (no pun intended).

So what is the TRUTH in all this?

I feel each narrative contains some element of “the truth.” However, people’s personal beliefs, sense of rightness and emotions are distorting some realities of our pandemic situation. There is no doubt in my mind (do you have?) that politics, personal financial interests, control and power play a large role for the plain and simple truth being withheld. There is much (unwarranted) propaganda and “politicking” amongst Leaders and the people around them for fear of falling out of favour, losing their positions and jobs, having their campaign funding withdrawn and so on... I’m sure you can fill in the rest. None of this is NEW. That is how the top 1%’s (as referred to) control everything—business, politics, our natural resources, our livelihood and lives. The fundamental question we need to ask and address is, WHY we have and continue to allow such a system to remain in place.

Does that mean the conspiracy narratives are correct? Many of the points and principles they are raising now have been around for decades... if not centuries and millennia. We ought to consider some of these claims; begin questioning why and how we are enabling those in control of our world’s economies, industries, business, governments and the whole “shebang”—the 1%’ers—to be have control over 97% of the global wealth at the expense of 99% of the global population as they live in poverty, starvation, war, pain and suffering. To coin my usual phrase, “it does not take rocket science” to see that this is an inequitable imbalance of sharing the (emphasising) NATURAL RESOURCES made freely available to ALL of us and which we are ALL entitled to share in unconditionally equal ACROSS THE WORLD.

Whilst I believe there is some merit in certain information brought forward by “conspiracists,” I feel some of this is also questionable. For example, the narrative that the COVID-19 virus links directly to the deployment of 5G. Fact or fiction? What scientific, biological evidence is there to support this claim? Is this virus a direct “creation” of / by 5G electromagnetic waves? Or is the information circulated on social media a conspiracy theory based on other coincidental circumstances—which will resonate with people that want to believe this? Is this creating unwarranted fear in people? How does this help society; how does it change views and mindset? What comfort do these claims bring to those who have suffered and died from the virus (within hours, days); those that are dying and those that shall die? How does it comfort those that have lost their loved ones?

The real issue IS NOT the deployment of 5G... or 4G... or 3G... or whichever other “G” we may want to look at. In themselves, in their source, they are harmless. The root of the problem lies in the reasons for our deployment of these “Gs,” the WHY?—as with many of our other human creations. Identifying the WHY leads to understanding the HOW we use these and for WHAT reason, what we want to achieve—usually to satisfy individual emotional needs driven by EGO and GREED... irrespective of the cost to lives and/or the environment.

Of the accusations and finger pointing towards the Rockefellers, Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and others claimed to form part of the cabal, are we not being hypocritical in our views (which BTW, I’m no “follower” of; even looked up, now, the spelling of some of their names)? Think about how these narratives are being voiced and distributed via the very social platforms created or owned by the very people being “exposed” and by which use they are filling the financial coffers of these very people. Why should they care when this usage generates millions FOR THEM. And, by the way, how is it that many heads of religious institutions across the world—with millions and billions in personal wealth—are excluded from being named and shamed as part of the list “cabalists” which they undoubtedly form part of? Might this show selective identification and inclusion?

The narrative of this virus being “let loose” on humanity by some or other Spiritual force/s to teach humanity a lesson, to “wake us up” to the reality of our lifestyle and to change, is one I also question as well. If the people preaching this narrative truly believe in the existence of an all loving, non-judging Essence of God, the love those in the world of Spirit have for mankind, then they should know it is NOT POSSIBLE that any of Them would deliberately and consciously inflict ANYTHING to cause us any form of pain and/or suffering. THEY could not even begin considering such a thing because it is not part of Their Beingness, who or what They are.

So where does all this leave us?

Having to acknowledge that the TRUE reality of our situation is staring us in the face. A fact of our lives and lifestyles.

YES. We, humans, are the sole source and creators of all we are experiencing. And WE are the ones that must sort ourselves out—by changing our ways of living and lifestyles.

What does that entail? Connecting with our inner selves. Identifying and recognising that the meaning for our lives does not lie in the outside world we have created; in the materialistic, egotistical world of greed we are / have been chasing after—which has lead us to where we are today.

By that I am not referring solely to the COVID-19 virus—that’s only part of it. I am referring to the ongoing ruining of lives across the world by the institutionalised financial and political systems we have created, are holding on to and keep feeding into with the mindset and belief that these are “the end and Be all of everything.” These are the true source for the REAL problems in the world. Our FEARS are the source that drive political, financial and economic decisions leading to all the false and fake information and propaganda being aired across our news channels and social media.

How do we change all this? (if YOU want to, of course.)

First, identify the (real) reasons for all our humanitarian “problems” in our world. Unfortunately, we have been so conditioned to focus on WHAT and HOW we should do things to achieve results, that we blocked out living to fulfil our true purpose for our lives. For example, get an education by going to university then you can become a professional, make money, live in luxury and you will be happy, content, fulfilled for life. This mindset and focus feeds human ego and greed, the need to control and have power over and so on—the human behaviours we all know and experience. Focusing on the WHATs and HOWs only changes our methodologies while maintaining the status quo.

To change, we must examine and question WHY? we do what we do. Understanding WHY you want to do what you do in/with your life will automatically change the reasons for WHAT and HOW you do them—or HOW and WHAT.

The fundamental differences of WHY you do things are:

(a) To create meaning for your life by being dependent on external "things". This leads you to focus on the WHAT and HOW—to satisfy emotional needs, feeding the ego and greed. OR

(b) Because IT IS your meaning, purpose in life. This keeps you focused on your WHY. The WHATs and HOWs (or HOW and WHAT) become secondary. This manifests who you really are.

With point (b) you will step into living your life aligned to your (true) Life Purpose.

What is your Life Purpose, how do you RECOGNISE it?

There are so many books, courses, beliefs, ideas, points of views and ideologies out in the market promoting their respective process of identifying your Life Purpose, which is the right one? Which is the right one for you? How will you know if what “you find” through any of these is your unique Life purpose?

I know that feeling and view very well. Been there, done that... as they say.

Then in 1991 I unexpectedly uncovered my Life Purpose through a process unrelated to any of the above. In that moment I recognised that my Life Purpose was “something” I had known all my life but (just) didn’t... you got it... recognise it for what it is. It was such a simple exercise. When I subsequently used my “learned technique” on other people, I discovered it helped them recognise their unique Life Purpose—even having a cup of coffee.

There is one certainty about this global pandemic and lockdown we need to KNOW and LEARN about. That going forward, WE as humanity, MUST change the reasons for what we do, change WHY we do things we do in Life. There is NO other way to create better lives for everyone.

And that change can only come about by each of us recognising our Life Purpose and living to fulfil it. That will guarantee that life for everyone and everything in our world will be as AS IT IS MEANT to be.

This power and control is in MINE and YOUR HANDS.

Want to know your Life Purpose? Book a FREE 45 min INTRO SESSION with me here and find out more.

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