• Sergio Salotto

"All I Want, Is Love."

Is your life filled with all the love your heart desires and that you deserve?

We have free will to create a life filled with our heart’s desired love, peace, and harmony.

Why do we create the opposite? Why do we choose to create a life of pain, suffering, inequalities, anger, hatred, war, and destruction?

All we truly want in life, is to be LOVED—accepted unconditionally.

How do we change to fill our heart’s desires?

When a computer program falls over, a building collapses, a plane crashes, a fire wreaks havoc in a city or forest, investigators will take days, weeks, even years pouring over data or sifting through debris to determine the root cause and implement preventative measures to avoid future occurrences.

In medicine, cosmology, anthropology, archaeology, engineering, computers, mathematics, and other sciences we dedicate lifetimes of energy, time, and large amounts of resources to understand and uncover the origins, the processes, and reason WHY and HOW things work, where they come from, how they developed and so on. We even reverse-engineer things to understand their workings and functionalities.

This has led to phenomenal advancements and development in our world.

When something breaks, before we can fix it appropriately we need to identify the cause or reason for the fault. Well, let’s face it, humanity, our lifestyles, are seriously broken. We are way off the mark from being even close to living in peaceful co-existence and acceptance of one another unconditionally—of “Loving Our Neighbour”... so to speak.

We have lived like this since, well, “the beginning of time.” Why do we continue like this given we have free will to change everything in a moment?

If we applied the same determination as our sciences to understand the root source of our “faults” and had the willingness to change, we would identify the reasons for our behaviours immediately—because we feel and experience them all the time. But it is a individual “life-driver” within we want to avoid confronting.

We prefer quick, simple solutions rather than delving too deeply within to identify the source of our issues and challenges. It is easier, and less painful, to adopt mind-reprogramming practices like positive thinking (the “fix all” solution), or escape dealing with the reality of our feelings and emotions through using alcohol, drugs, and other diversions.

Adopting quick and easy solution practices prevents us from identifying, and eliminating, the hidden destructive portion (90%) of our emotional “iceberg.” The portion that drives us to compromise on exercising our true free will to create the life of love, peace, and harmony we truly desire and deserve.

The LIFE we can all have and share unconditionally equal.


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