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“I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH” : Effect On Our Spiritual Journey

Updated: Feb 12

As I read this paragraph, my eyes and mouth opened wide as I, incredulously, exclaimed, “Whhhhaaaaattttt !!!”

************************************************ Conditions of “humanhood” are based in beliefs of separation of which the bottom line is always; “You will never be good enough.”. The material belief system teaches that it is only by sheer strength of either body or mind that a person can achieve success or even survive. This belief has brought about a non ending supply of self promoting human activity that may or may not accomplish personal goals and which frequently cause harm to others.

(Extract - 6th paragraph, Arcuturian Group Newsletter 14 January 2018) @https://www.onenessofall.com/ *************************************************** October 2017. I’m going through my email inbox. I open an email from a friend (unusual) that has an attachment from the Arcturian Group — have never heard of them. My immediate impulse is to press the delete button. But I pause wondering why this friend would send me something like this. I read the document. The profoundness of the spiritual message to humanity blows me away. It strikes a chord in my heart — well, many chords.

Who are the Arcturian? Who is this Group, I wondered? I Googled them.

I learn (for the first time) that Arcturus is the brightest star in the northern constellation of Boötes. Arcturians are said to be stellar BEINGS from the 5th dimension that channel advice to us on how we can help Mother Earth. Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), Christian mystic, clairvoyant, and “prophet,” is said to have communicated with and visited (astral travelled) Their planet; he claimed They are the most advanced civilisation in our galaxy. I recognised the name Edgar Cayce’s but I could not recall the reason — until 3 years later, when going through stuff in storage, I found I had one of his books, on healing.

More than anything, however, my amazement was about the statement, “You will never be good enough” in that paragraph . Over 30 years ago, May 1991, from a rather “bizarre” exercise I felt compelled to undertake — for no logical reasons I could understand; ignoring the compulsion for weeks; and having no spiritual objective, at the end of the exercise I experienced a life-changing moment when I “stumbled” upon identifying, and eliminating, the root source for my own feelings of being “not good enough.” And recognising how this belief had practically controlled and dictated everything I had done, and not, in my life (read about here @https://bit.ly/33iZTK4), spiritually and otherwise.

In subsequent discussions with people, I learned they also carried and lived with this same feeling and belief within. Many expressing the wish for ridding themselves of it permanently. That has been the case with most people, if not everyone, I have spoken to regardless of status, success, gender, race, age, religious beliefs or whatever.

The deep-seated belief of being “not good enough” plays a far greater role in our lives than we may think or want to believe. It is a driving force for most of what we do in life. It effects our Spiritual Beingness and journey, and drives human behaviour affecting our environment and our world.

Accepted life-coaching practices and teachings on how to “overcome” this, are possibly masking and fuelling our self-worth problems instead of eliminating them. Because the tendency seems to be one of (as I see it) trivialising the source (as childhood experiences), and the greater role and effects this belief plays on our human emotional needs, fears and behaviour.

“Everyone experiences these feelings. Think positively, visualise success, set and achieve your goals...” are well known, mirror work life-coaching mantras and practices we know about, I’m sure. However, focusing on being an achiever, successful, self-empowered, positive, and so on to overcome this belief and the human needs, might, instead of eliminating this belief, lead to inflating egotism, arrogance, and self-rightness — without us knowing it.

We need to (must) reconnect and get back onto our Spiritual Life-path of Perfection (What We Truly Are) now, this life time, by overcoming and mastering our human-driven desires, lust, ego, and greed (human imperfections) through eliminating this fundamental belief of being “not good enough.”

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