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My Life Purpose

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

With as many and as varied beliefs about our Life Purpose as there are religions, philosophies, ideologies, metaphysical, esoteric, cultural and individual beliefs, which is the correct one?

In 1991, during a month of (some) self-introspection, I unexpectedly “stumbled upon” (the only way I can explain it) recognising my life’s true purpose (help people, humanity, overcome victimhood, inequality and abuse). I could hardly “believe myself” being touched at the very Core of my Being, by what I had felt and known all my life, what I had considered as nothing more than an ideological dream. Never did I think it to be My Life Purpose as I had just experienced.

Relating my experience to family, friends and colleagues, I discovered that I was guiding them to identify their respective and unique Life Purpose. It also surprised me to note that none identified their purpose to be about achieving fame and glory, making money, being successful, having their own business, lying on the beach all day, holidaying around the world, being a fighter jet pilot, a CEO or anything like the goals people strive for in life.

Our Life Purpose is nothing esoteric, religious, metaphysical, philosophical or mythical. Our Life Purpose is something very practical we can live by and fulfil in our day-to-day living. You experience its passion every day of your life whether you are doing anything about it or ignoring it completely.

Your Life Purpose touches the Inner Core of Being, who you are, your Inner Self. It triggers an (almost) uncontrollable passion in you about life, your life, our world and planet. This can relate to humanity, animals, nature, the oceans, our natural environment or any multitude of aspects of these.

Your Life Purpose is an expression, a manifestation of WHO YOU truly ARE.

Living your life to fulfil your Life Purpose, YOU become the CHANGE for our world—believe it. Evidence of this are: Gandhi, Mandela, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King and many others... yes, and Jesus.

So why not you?

The only reason you don’t recognise your Life Purpose is because you have not been shown how.

This is where I can mentor you with none of “methods” mentioned above used by many other practitioners.

It requires only 1 hour of your time.

How does knowing your Life Purpose change your life?

Below are shown the difference between living your Life Purpose compared to chasing GOALS to create meaning in your life.



1) Goals are something we work toward; are futuristic; made up of Past memories, Present desires and dreams of the Future 2) We use goals to create meaning for our lives.

3) We use goals to prove ourselves, overcome feelings and bel­iefs of being "not good enough", lacking self-esteem and self-confidence, motivation, religious teaching of absolution of sin, spir­itual development, mastery of life, etc.

4) Something we can achieve; they are measurable; end results are all important; it measures our success. 5) Are quantifiable: they have time scales, boundaries and limitations. 6) Are given dead­lines and targets; they create pressures to achieve; generate anxieties, stress, frustration, depression, fear; do not allow freedom of choice so no contentment and inner peace.

7) In striving to achieve goals we become victims of our circumstances and live in fear of possible consequences



1) Purpose is something we work from; it's our starting point; reason for what we do; it represents the present, the NOW 2) IS the meaning for our lives. 3) Represents our completeness as a human being; who we are; has no dependency on anything; no emotional needs; no ego; no need to prove, atone or complete anything. 4) Is larger than ourselves; has no measurable end result; its achievement is the ongoing process of living for the NOW. 5) Is not quantifiable, has no time lines or limitations. 6) Living to fulfil one’s purpose is to live each moment to its fullest as if it is your last; no goal necessary; each moment is an expression and experience of freedom of choice, love, inner peace, contentment, peace of mind. 7) By living to fulfil our purpose, we become the Source/Creators of our life experiences.


Find the TRUE meaning for your Life by recognising your Life Purpose

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