• Sergio Salotto

Psychology of Positive Thinking: “Solution, or state of ‘False Reality?’ ”

How do we eliminate inequalities, injustices, and discriminations (racial, gender, cultural, religious, labour… and all other) in our societies across the world?

What needs to be done to end patriarchal-based social ideologies and systems?

Why do we have corruption and disseminate untruths and misinformation in business, politics, sports, health systems, even some religious teachings?

Can we really eliminate the personal and human pain and suffering that these behaviours bring about through continuous management of the repetitive emotional consequences we create because of the false realities we live by?

If we are honest, there can be little doubt in anyone’s mind that continuous management of consequences of personal, and global, human creations and actions, is hard work; it is a never-ending daily task. Because no sooner do we address one issue, it exposes many others.

The “solution” we have embraced to resolve our problems is the practice of Positive Thinking. Be positive. Mix with like-minded people and objectives (creating like-minded cliques at the exclusion of others), DO NOT focus on negative elements in your life and situations. Look for solutions. Focus on success, aim to be a winner in everything you do.

We consider Positive thinking to be the “supreme solution” for overcoming feelings of low self-esteem and self-confidence, beliefs of being “not good enough”, for self-empowerment (what says you are not already?), be successful in leadership, business, governments, sports, it is the “wonder tool” in life counselling, coaching and mentorship, a solver of relationship issues, and even promoted for spiritual development—there is a flood on social media of quotes, poems, verse and other such messages about positive thinking of oneself.

Many successful people and certain social structures—development of managers, entrepreneurs, sports, and other—adopt and promote Positive Thinking practices as an essential "mantra" for success. But does that translate into REAL, fundamental well-beingness? Or do these benefits “mask” deep-rooted emotional needs, fear, and pain we do not want to face up to and deal with; a plaster covering open emotional wounds? A type of “masking” that results in one living a life in a state of “False Reality” about their true well-beingness.

Socially, and professionally, I have engaged with people focused on living their life practicing Positive Thinking—they avoid, ignore, shut off any/all thoughts of negativity. Yet, many still experience and will not deal with their anger, resentments, frustrations, stress, ego, greed and other issues and challenges that surface when someone or something presses their emotional buttons. Why does Positive Thinking not eliminate these emotional issues at their root source?

Something I have also noted and experienced about many of these “practitioners,” is their sense of aloofness, how they consider themselves to be “a cut above the rest,” have attitude, are rather self-serving, self-centred, can be very judgemental, self-righteously arrogant and dismissive towards others they consider “less than” (themselves), are very egotistical (think: mega rich and famous; those global “1-5%’ers”). Traits not of humbleness, caring and REAL well-beingness with Self. Why is this? Because beneath their Positive Thinking "mantra" still lurks an ever-present driving emotional fear of being A FAILURE; fears of REJECTION; fears of being “NOT GOOD ENOUGH.”

No matter what emotional issues, challenges, pain, or situations we face in life, or how positive we are about our thinking, if we do not identify and eliminate the root source for our pains, THEY DO NOT GO AWAY no matter how strong, or how many “plasters” we stick over them. They will keep resurfacing and manifesting themselves over and again in different situations—like a mutating virus.

Identifying the root source of our emotional pain experiences, gives us the opportunity and enables us to eliminate and silence our emotional buttons—permanently. We will never again have to be on guard to manage our emotional state of being. By eliminating the root source, we automatically also eliminate all need for positive thinking because we will live in a state of TRUE Self and REAL empowered POSITIVITY.

That will lead to the natural and automatic elimination of personal and social inequalities, discrimination, and injustices we practice and live with. It will eliminate and end the need for societal demonstrations, lobbying, fighting for, and all the other manner of things we are doing across the world to achieve a point of unconditional acceptance of one another.

It is long past the time, and age, for humanity TO RECOGNISE and UNCONDITIONALLY ACCEPT one another, no matter Who We Are.

We are ALL unique. We ALL come from the same Source.

We are ALL, therefore, EQUAL.

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