• Sergio Salotto

According To The Law Of Opposites... Or Is It!!

************************************** 2. "And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep... "

3. "And God said, Let there be light: and there was light"

(Genesis 1 : KJV)



The Universe, an immeasurable space of Light and Darkness.

A space void of human consciousness directions.

Where one looks, everything “Just Is.”


Of our physical world, we are taught that things exist because of their opposites, by a Law of Opposites. A male is the opposite to female; light as the opposite of darkness; up opposite to down; East is opposite to West; hatred is the opposite of love; war the opposite of peace, and so on.

If darkness exists only in the absence of light; there is no cosmic compass to define points of direction in space; suns, stars, planets and galaxies of diverse proportions and qualities exist independently of one another, and everything outside of human consciousness JUST IS, what might this tell us about the REALITY of a Law of Opposites?

Could this show that such “law” does not exist? That it is perhaps a human creation to explain and justify our life experiences? That such "law" that live by is not a Reality of Life?

This “Law of Opposites” differs from the Law of Cause and Effect — very much a Law of Life.

We consider, even justify, many of our life experiences to be “according to the law of opposites.” For example, that love is the opposite of hatred, joy the opposite of anger, peace opposite of war, gratitude opposite of selfishness, success opposite of failure, etcetera. This, however, might not serve us as well as we think it does. Perhaps it has a converse effect. That of leading us to live life in a state of victimhood of circumstances. A state that does not serve us overcome our human consciousness and creations and raise our spiritual awareness and development.

Created in God’s image (His/Her/Its), it is not our destiny to live and experience a life of anything other than Pure Light and Love — free of pain, suffering and the duality that is created through our beliefs in a “law of opposites.”

The challenges and issues we face in our lives, therefore, are not driven by or founded in any “law of opposites,” nor on external forces of negative energies. Our challenges are consequences we experience from the Law of Cause and Effect — we face the Effects of our Causes from what we do — or not.

Light just is. Love just is. Peace just is. Harmony just is. All God Goodness, just is. All just are because THEY ARE.

A newborn child radiates energies of love, joy, peace, harmony and fun just by being WHO IT IS.

Hatred, resentment, anger, fear of darkness, lust, ego, greed, jealousy, criticism, judgement, rejection, pain and suffering are energies we create. They also JUST ARE.

We create our negative energies independently of "their opposites” by not living our virtues of Light, Love, Peace and Harmony we have within.

The beauty of all this is that we have total power and control to change our state of Beingness in any moment. We can create a life of love, peace and harmony by ending to create anger, hatred, anxiety, pain and suffering.

Eliminating negative energies from our lives has no effect on the God Good energies within us because each exist independent of the other and not according to any “law of opposites.”

We would do ourselves a great service by reminding ourselves of Gandhi's words, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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