• Sergio Salotto


Updated: Nov 5, 2021

"THERE ARE NONE SO BLIND AS THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE." (John Heywood c.1497 – c.1580) North, South, East and West, from the jungles of the Americas to the plains of Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Russia and the Far East, as the Human species (“Man”) we have warred against one another since the beginning of our time on earth—and continue doing so. Why?

WHEN, and WHY, did we start this warring?

As the only God-created species with free will, we have the choice, control, and power to create and live a life of total peace, harmony, and love. Yet we have done and continue doing the complete opposite.


If we look at the (otherwise) Biblical story of Cain and Abel with a different perspective—not religious—it may well give us the answer.

As the story goes, Cain slayed (murdered) Abel out of anger and jealousy because God showed preference for Abel’s offering instead of His. This reasoning and justification, however, are flawed. If God is, and represents, Love and Perfection and is non-judgemental, then He/She/“IT” could not possibly, nor would have exercised any discrimination between the Brother’s two offerings.

If God was not “the judge,” then WHAT, or WHOM, else was the source of Cain’s anger and jealousy driving Him to slay his brother?

There is only ONE OTHER fundamental source would have triggered Cain’s uncontrollable reaction: His own emotional needs for UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE; to be LOVED. They are the same source needs that drive us to do the things we do and experience in our lives. The (supposed) “rejection by God” of Cain’s offerings raised feelings and His belief of being “NOT GOOD ENOUGH.” The same feelings we experience and strive to silence and overcome by the things we do in life. It is the feeling and belief for all human greed, ego, desires and lusts. Emotional needs that lead to our becoming “very creative” in how and what we do for the sake of and to gain ACCEPTANCE and avoid REJECTION.

These emotional needs and fears are our inherent “Cains” within that we strive to satisfy through the wars we wage on one another without consideration to the pain, suffering and costs we inflict on a fellow human and the environment. We engage in these wars with weapons on battlefields, and socially across cultures, races and gender through man-made rules, laws and practices of discrimination, inequality and injustices based on religious, political, business and economics ideologies.

We fight these wars in our relationships, homes, places of work, playgrounds, health care, law, socially and in most other interpersonal and environmental engagements.

Yet we do not see ourselves doing it. Or, we DO NOT WANT to see and acknowledge we do this because it would mean having to change—which raises our FEARS of the possible consequences. If we truly learn from history and past mistakes as claimed, then WHY after so many thousands of years of history of warring and daily experiences, have we not moved away from and changed our ideologies that leading to warring, creating separation, inequalities, discrimination and division? The present day global COVID-19 pandemic has exposed in no uncertain terms, the extent and levels of human greed and ego-driven practices of discrimination and injustices by the minute minority (1-5%) of our population at the expense of the (approx.) 95% majority.

But we do not believe it is so. We opt instead to justify things to maintain the status quo.

The virtues and qualities of leadership are to lead in service to others. Have we not been told how, “The last shall be first and the first last.” (Matthew 20:16 KJV)

Be it in politics, business, religion, and many other societal institutions, our leaders, instead, demand and expect TO BE SERVED by their followers and “subordinates” in the interests of self-enrichment and glory. Inequality and discrimination being the basis of our leadership practices.

Yet, we do not want to acknowledge this as our human created reality.

We do not want to recognise and accept, that we all are interdependent on one another’s skills and services for what we have; that we are all CREATED EQUAL—no matter who we are, what skills or talents we have; that we are all equally part of ONE UNIVERSAL WHOLENESS; that none of us is more, or less, entitled than another to anything and everything Life makes FREELY available to us.

Everything we seek for in our life, WE ALREADY HAVE within, yet we do not see it.

We still have not learnt that we will never find fulfilment in any man-made creations external to ourselves.

We ALL are so much more than what we believe ourselves to be in life, yet we continue to be less.


Then your life and life on our planet will change for the better.

God bless YOUR Inner Potential for human Greatness.

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