As a Life Journey Facilitator, I go beyond coaching or counseling by assisting you in 

accessing your innate, full potential. This will enable you to live and experience a fulfilling, successful, love-filled life. 

I have stated that I go beyond coaching and counselling.


What do I mean by this?


Most individuals I have encountered and spoken to experience the feeling and belief of being “not good enough.” Years of conventional therapy seem to lighten their emotional burden but not eliminate the real root source. My work is based on my personal experience when, in 1991, by chance I discovered my underlying real root source – as documented in My Personal Life-Changing Moment.


In whatever form that underlying belief presents itself, the individual is burdened by the negative feelings, beliefs and emotions about themselves that ultimately infiltrate their life – and who they are. The accepted view is that the source of these negative messages, and related feelings, stem from childhood; the dysfunctional dynamics and environment of the family; expectations imposed by social norms, values and ideologies; and their own internalisation of the message “I’m not good enough.”

Traditional coaching, counselling or therapy, consider this message to be an imbedded trauma from childhood that requires you to ‘dig up’ or regress to the point of trauma in order to desensitise the situation for healing to occur. This process can take anything from a few weeks to a few years of therapy depending on the individual’s ability to deal with the situation. When one traumatic event is ‘dealt’ with it allows the next event to surface and be dealt with in the similar unfoldment – this is why years of therapy is needed for an individual to feel ‘OK’ in their life. I refer to this therapy as “dealing with the tip of the iceberg.”


My facilitation does not focus on or require you to remember the events. Instead, it focuses on the feelings triggered by the events in your life. Events are all different, but there is a common fundamental feeling and belief that arises linked to these events. The general feelings and belief of “I’m not good enough” represents only the tip, the 10%, of your emotional iceberg - the part you are consciously aware of. Underlying this conscious level is a greater 90% destructive driving force that you are not conscious of. The force that drives you to make decision out of fear of possible consequences leading you to compromise on exercising true freedom of choice resulting in you becoming a victim of your circumstances.


My Facilitation offers you the opportunity and possibility to identify and completely eliminate your underlying 90% destructive driving force, the source of your feelings and belief of being “not good enough” – in just a couple of hours. Eliminating your driving fundamental belief allows you to access your innate, full potential to live and experience a fulfilling, successful, love-filled life. And determine your life’s real purpose/vision.